This is the very thing he says he'll do  straight away Elon musk will before long  hold the keys to Twitter.

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April 26 2022

The organization declared on monday that it has acknowledged the tesla CEO's $44 billion proposals to take the organization private.

That implies the worl's most extravagant individual has a propensity for vain behaviors

An unpredictable way of behaving is going to have the ability to reshape talk in an informal organization

Utilized by in excess of 200 million individuals consistently.

How should Musk use that power?

Here are a few recommendations for Twitter that he's drifted.

Relax content standards for the sake of free discourse.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO portrays himself as a "free discourse absolutist."

He has scrutinized what he sees as unnecessary balance on internet-based stages.

He gestured to these convictions in his explanation reporting the buy saying that...

"free discourse is the bedrock of a working majority rule government,..

...Twitter is the advanced town square where matters imperative to the fate of humanking are discussed."

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