Ball Arena hosts Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

This season, the NHL has seen unprecedented growth in female and younger fans, which should have a profound effect.

Almost 40% of NHL fans are under 50, according to NHL research. Some new fans may be 18-49 years old.

The recent growth has been credited to the league's human side, according to Kali Mack, an Avalanche fan in Colorado.

There are more player interviews, family moments, and heartfelt moments off the ice." she said. 

The number of female viewers increased by 44% during Wednesday night games on TNT over previous years.

As a result of the board's recommendations, NBA and NFL sites have seen an increase in traffic.

As more younger fans grow, revenue for this season is expected to reach over $5.2 billion.

In the Stanley Cup Final, Bettman said, "growth and interest begin with the game.

The NHL pushed the final to Game 6 on Sunday night, where Tampa Bay will host Colorado.