Despite a live event last night starring a giant mech, the latest season of Fortnite is surprisingly laidback.

Vibin' is the name of season 3 of the game's third chapter.

An amusement park will be added to the island, complete with a rollercoaster.

In addition, players can plant and grow magical saplings in Reality Falls for better loot.

It has been tweaked a bit, though: it has more health, floats on water, and has a battery that will eventually die.

Fans will be pleased to see the Baller (which looks a bit like a giant hamster ball) return.

It has been updated slightly to have more health and a battery that will eventually die.

In Season 3, players can ride on boars, and a new feature called "storm sickness" is introducing. Here's how Epic describes it.

A new season means a new battle pass, which means more characters.

Indiana Jones, who looks out of place in comparison with the more colorful cast, will be unlocked later in the season.

In addition to new vibes and Zero Build, players can still enjoy classic build-and-shoot gameplay.