Joey King, the main character, lives in a fairytale-esque kingdom overlooking the sea, which is centered around a tower. 

After she rejects the lord's marriage, Julius (Dominic Cooper) seizes the castle and captures the royals.

You wonder if anyone involved in The Princess was interested in pop culture or watched Joss Whedon's series. 

It's forgotten that princesses have been revisionist figures for so long that we've lost our sense of reverence and femininity. 

King's Kewpie doll face makes her an action hero despite the sloppy execution.

A 2019 gangster drama, Furie, stars Veronica Ngo as Linh, Khai's young friend, follows The Ancestral and The Requin. 

Despite its empty girl power aesthetic, I can't ignore this dumb elevator pitch gag of a movie.

In a time of genuine misogynistic national crisis, it is so painful to watch a movie that uses rote catchphrases to describe oppression.