The WNBA star Brittney Griner appeared in court on a preliminary hearing in Moscow.

Sheremetyevo Airport detained Brittney Griner less than a week before Russian troops invaded Ukraine..

In the Moscow suburb of Khimki on July 1, Brittney Griner appeared uneasy.

In May, the Russians extended her detention by one month because of her long hair.

The State Department reclassified Brittney as wrongfully detained in May.

Keeping her for me isn't acceptable. I will use it urgently." She said, "He does."

According to the AP, Brittney might replace Viktor Bout, known as "The Merchant of Death," in a prisoner swap.

Bout's crimes involve global arms trade, while Viktor's crimes involve conspiring to kill Americans.

In Russian criminal cases, fewer than 1% are acquitted, and acquittals are overturned.