Amber Heard  the 36-year-old actress  domestic violence accused the 58-year-old star's Johnny Depp.

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May 01 2022

 Johnny Depp Denied all accusations.

Depp relinquished his presense  on the witness stand Tuesday 

With  the bit-players who gravitate around him: agent, driver, bodyguard and business manager.

Alejandro Romero is a doorman of the building where couple lived

He said he had not seen any marks on Heard's face after the couple's final argument in May 2016.

Bodyguard Malcolm Connolly who has worked for Depp for last 23 years

Malcolm said he had never seen the actor urinate in a hallway, as Heard's lawyers had suggested.

His business manager Edward White told the court Thursday how he had sought to redress his accounts

while Depp  settling the costs of the divorce with Amber Heard in 2017.

He also said She initially was looking for a consideration of $4 million, but her demand continually increased," 

Heard's lawyers want to present Elon Musk and actor James Franco, another close associate of their client. 

But the Both of them declined, without explaining their reasons.

ACLU Amber Heard donate half of her $7 million

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