The release of Jurassic World is completing it seven years this summer.

Full of action and thrill a dinosaur movie starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard was realesed in 2015.

Everyone is all ginger up to see those original franchise stars share the screen with dinosaurs.

The movie Was Delayed A Full Year Because of The Story’s ‘Epic’ And Ambitious’ Scope.

Colin Trevorrow directed the movie from the perspective of a child.

He added bright colors, enchanting visuals, and a general sense of wonder a kid would imagine.

In Jurassic World, the Indominus Rex was actually inspired by a real dinosaur to give never seen before feel.

it was a brief tribute to Stan Winston and his work in the scene where Apatosaurus dies in Owen Grady’s arms

Love On The Spectrum U.S. Version

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