In honor of his friend and inspiration, Diddy, Kanye West showed up at the BET Awards.

During Kanye West's speech, a mask and hood covered his face. He even cried at one point.

He even mentioned his divorce with Kim Kardashian during his speech. "I still listen to [Diddy] for advice."

The audience huddled after Kanye made the joke. Twitter was flooded with reactions.

There are many doors that our father has broken down regarding classism, taste, culture, and swag.

It's not just production, you know. It's everything. Back then, hip hop had so many rules, and he broke them.

In 2019, Kim and Kanye attended Diddy's 50th birthday party together.

The couple filed for divorce in February 2021, and a judge declared them "legally single" in March 2022.