Keshia Chanté, Drake's first serious girlfriend, reunited with him at October World Weekend this year.

"I used to drive my mom's car all the way to the west for this donna right here." Drake said during his All Canadian All Stars performance at History.

“This is my first girlfriend I’ve ever had in my life on stage. She’s a real legend, someone I love dearly.”

Drake's 2016 hit "In My Feelings" mentions Chanté as "Kiki". Chanté performed some of her hits, then took to Instagram to echo Drake's sentiments.

@champagnepapi gave us the most heartfelt and meaningful introduction I have ever received. And @djcharlieb, I am so MFN proud of you.

I was so moved by your performance at the All Canadian North Stars show. You sang songs I dropped when I was a teenager.

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I want to give a special thank you to everyone who broke these records and is the reason my mama's crib is full of certified plaques.

As a result of my Covid test, I have rescheduled the Young Money Reunion show for as soon as possible," Drake wrote on Monday (August 1).