Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker  are officially walking down the aisle

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By Devesh Tyagi

April 06 2022

"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and drummer had a wedding ceremony shortly after Barker's Grammy performance on Sunday night in Las Vegas.

Image Credit: YouTube

Marty Frierson, the owner of One Love Wedding Chapel, told US TODAY that the couple's ceremony took place on Monday at 1:45 p.m….

Image Credit: TMZ

…Before they arrive, Kardashian and Barker call the chapel at 12:30 to confirm that the 24-hour wedding chapel is still open for meetings.

Image Credit: E! Online

Frierson was not allowed to take photos or videos of the ceremony but noted that four guests,

Image Credit: Page Six

Kardashian and Barker, had documented the ceremony on their phones....

Image Credit: Pinkvilla

While the couple's morning ceremony was a real affair, it is not clear whether they are both legally married.

Image Credit: POPSUGAR

...Kardashian and Barker first announced their engagement in October,...

Image Credit: Pinkvilla

...eight months after they officially announced their relationship on Instagram a few days after Valentine's Day.

Image Credit: Vogue

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