LeAnn Rimes to release 'beyond unique'  new album 'god's job' this September

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By Devesh Tyagi

April 10 2022

This year LeAnn Rimes is now bringing out a new album to celebrate the anniversary of her 25th job.

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On Friday, the "I Need You" singer announced September 16, the launch day of her 19th workshop album, "God's Job."

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"For me, 'The Work of God was all about the journey of Reformation, where humanity meets the Spirit,'" Rimes said in a press release.

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"If we're making suggestions about why a 'g' is capitalized or not, we're missing the whole point. It's very important for us to focus on the messages, not the specifics."

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The album featured many musicians, including Mickey Guyton, Ziggy Marley, Aloe Black, Ben Harper, Ledisi, Sheila E., Robert Randolph, and more.

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Additionally, Rimes added with his partner Darrell Brown as a producer and a songwriter.

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The three-year recording process was described by the musician as calling for "( digging) into the duality of life,

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..which saw her "( need) to be at the location I remain in my life now in order to release this document completely. It's so encouraging that I am lastly there."

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Rimes shared a preview of what to expect in a video clip on Instagram Friday.

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"This collection of tracks is past unique to me and we have thoroughly curated every step of this procedure, like never before," she captioned the blog post.

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