Macklowe Collection is one of the most important collections of art to ever appear on the market.

It was formed by real-estate mogul Harry Macklowe and his ex-wife, Linda.

They achieved US$236.4 million on 16th May night at a Sotheby’s auction in New York.

Containing 65 works, the first sale of 35 works of this collection was held in November 2021.

The total price estimated was $676.1 million including the sale yesterday,

The collection got worldwide attention during the divorce proceedings of Harry Macklowe and Linda in 2018.

At that time they were unable to agree on the total worth of the prestigious collections.

Then they were ordered by the court to sell the works and share the profits.

Mark Rothko’s $48 million, Gerhard Richter’s Seestuck’s $30.2 million, Andy Warhol’s Self Portrait‘s $18.7 million