Kim Kardashian damaged Monroe's iconic dress by wearing it to serenade JFK shortly before her death.

According to Scott Fortner, a Monroe memorabilia collector, the dress appears to have stretched and buckled.

The dress is worn, ripped, and stretches, and some crystals are missing and others dangling by a thread.

A Ripley's Believe It Or Not employee at the time claimed that the dress was preserved with great care. alterations were to be made to the dress, and Kim even changed into a replica after the red carpet!

Kardashian wore a $4.8m crystal-covered nude silk gown to the event in early May.

She realised she had been optimistic at a fitting more than a month before the gala.

She put on a sauna suit twice a day and ate vegetables to lose weight. "It was so hard," she said.

She also received criticism for her apparent obsession with wearing a dead woman's dress.

In 2016, the tourist attraction bought the dress and kept it in a climate-controlled environment.

She defended her sartorial decision. "I respect the dress and what it represents," she said.

“I would never want to eat or sit in it, let alone risk damage to it, and I won't be wearing the kind of body makeup I usually wear.”