Microplastics found in human blood  for the first time


By Devesh Tyagi

March 26 2022

Microplasts were first found in human blood and affected 75 percent of those tested in a small study 

The discovery means that small particles can travel around the body and migrate to different organs

The effects are not yet known, but small plastics are known to damage human 

Cells in laboratory experiments and there are concers that they may affect immune function

We have now proved that our blood, our river of life, one way or another, has plastic in it, said Heather Leslie

An ecotoxicologist at VU Amsterdam, who helped lead the research in the Netherlands

The researchers analyzed samples from 22 healthy, unknown donors to look for the presence of five polymers

The study found that three-quarters of the subjects had them. The study was published in the journal Environment International 

The total concentration of plastic particles in the blood averaged 1.6/g/ml, 

Which is comparable to a plastic spoon per 1000 liters of water or10 large baths, the researchers said

The WHO report of 2019 found that microplastics, which define any plastic waste shorter than five millimeters 

In to water and bottled water do not appear to be a danger to human health

He says that large particles and the smallest ones pass through the body without being absorbed  

Microplasts can be found everywhere. The small particles are in tea bags and even in the snow  

While the particles in the air find their way into the alpine environment. Research in 2020 showed that the average

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