The final seven episodes of Netflix's  Ozark on the streamer today.

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April 29 2022

The very first episode in steam in 2017.

In this series Mexican drug cartel is forced to move his family to the Ozarks.

When his business partner tries ripping off their boss and gets killed for his trouble.

Now we are near the end of that journey, Ozark be remembered more as a clever thrill ride.

It is a captivating collection of showcase scenes for a cadre of superior actors .

It is like "Breaking Bad: The Family Edition."

In the starting of the show  his kids were clueless about what their father really did for a living.

His wife Wendy, played by a resilient, acerbic Laura Linney, was always focused on holding the family together.

In the final episodes family has immersed in a complicated scheme to free cartel leader Navarro from federal custody.

The Netflix released every episode of this final batch to critics in advance for the review.

It feel rushed in their final episodes as they plow through circumstances to reach the finish line.

When one of the biggest attractions of a series is its forward motion, any move toward a conclusion can feel anticlimactical.

There are some big deaths in the series' finale

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