Paula Patton's 'absurd' recipe for fried  chicken obtains baked


By Devesh Tyagi

April 05 2022

Paula Patton is getting roasted in more methods than one today after a video of herself frying up some poultry left fans dumbfounded.

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The 46-year-old actress shared the clip on Instagram last month, where she was revealing fans how she cooks the fowl.

Image Credit: Houston Press

In the tutorial, the "4 Children as well as It" star made some cooking snafus when she added…

Image Credit: RecentlyHeard

…spices to her grease as well as really did not clean her hen enough time before preparing it.

Image Credit:  New York Post

However, thanks to TikTok, the video clip has gone viral weeks later on,…

Image Credit: Houston Press

…with several individuals are throwing her into the fire and also blasting her baking methods on Twitter.

Image Credit: Houstonia Magazine

The account that first shared the video clip simply tweeted on April 4, "Paula Patton simply destroyed my day.

Image Credit: Hip Hop Vibe

"Extra memes and reactions to the "Precious" actress quasi-cooking program began to flow in, with an additional person adding:

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"Paula please go take a hen frying class cos that's simply ludicrous."…

Image Credit: India Starz

…" Paula Patton requires to begin with something easier like toasting bagels,"…

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…somebody noted. Others came with the biracial starlet for her dish,…

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…specifying that her frying process was a measure of which parent she took after, since Patton was increased by a white mother as well as an African-American papa.

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" Beloved Black People: Spend more time with your mixed kids as well as teach them exactly how to make Black as well as Southern food effectively.

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…Paula Patton's hen is a disgrace to our cuisine," said one customer. An additional individual chimed in,…

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"On behalf of biracial individuals anywhere I wish to say Paula Patton doesn't represent our food preparation at all.

Image Credit: 16 Movie and TV Wiki

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