Hannah Mambu felt she was "watching other people have fun" because of the festival's lack of accessibility

The Crystal Palace Wireless Festival failed to cater effectively for disabled attendees on Friday and Saturday, despite Hannah Mambu's spina bifida.

As she got off the bus near the disabled entrance on Crystal Palace Parade, she assumed the festival would be disabled-friendly.

I had to tip my wheelchair onto its back wheels as my front wheels kept hitting the gravel inside the festival.

Another disabled guest had to be carried down a steep hill to reach the disabled access platform, as there were more potholes here.

The disabled access platform prevented Ms Mambu and her personal assistant from seeing any of the artists.

Artists didn't notice they were smiling or dancing until the camera focused on their faces.

I couldn't wave or cheer! We just watched people having fun." "We were closer to the exit than the stage," she said.

Each day, she was carried down the steep hill on her sister's back due to the potholes and distance from the main stage.