Judge in the court case rejected Amber Heard's  motion to dismiss Johnny Depp's libel suit  against her.

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May 04 2022

A psychologist Dawn Hughes testified that Heard suffered post-traumatic stress disorder.

She also stated that it was due to violence she suffered at the hands of Depp, including multiple acts of sexual assault.

The sexual assaults included being forced to perform oral sex.

Dawn Hughes also alleges, Depp penetrate her with a liquor bottle, the psychologist.

As per the psychologist hired by Depp's lawyers, who said Heard was faking her symptoms of PTSD.

But Hughes  disputed that Heard suffers from any personality disorder.

Dawn  Hughes was the first witness to take the stand on Amber Heard's behalf.

Amber Heard’s Ex-Nurse Told Court That She Was Suicidal.

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