Ramadan, the holy month of Islam has  arrived. How are we preparing and watching?


By Devesh Tyagi

April 02 2022

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Which TV shows should we watch? How can we practice gratitude?

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And what are some ways to avoid hanging during fasting?

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Southern Californians can view the Ramadan timetable provided by the Islamic Center of Southern California.

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Ramadan Prayer Schedule, April 2022

The Islamic Center of Southern California always provides a timetable for the holy month of April.

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Here's What I Tell You About Fasting Ramadan, How I Survive - And Deepen My Faith

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It is difficult to complete a month of fasting, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier.

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One of the most disturbing traditions of Ramadan is TV. Here are 7 shows to watch this year, 

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we recommend 7 series to keep you entertained after Iftar.

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To avoid hunger during Ramadan, protein, fiber, should be used more, every person wants to eat healthy.

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