Her latest romance Instagram post doubles as a coming out post for the comedic actor Rebel Wilson. 

In a photo with Ramona Agruma, she wrote, “I thought I was seeking a Disney prince, 

but I think what I really needed was a Disney princess.” 

The post was accompanied by a couple heart emojis, a rainbow, and the hashtag #loveislove.

While Wilson hasn't exactly been hiding her relationship with Agruma, founder of Lemon Ve Limon, 

this is the first time she explicitly confirmed... 

...the relationship with Agruma. In March, Wilson and Agruma appeared together at the Vanity Fair Oscars party.

Since January, Agruma has appeared frequently on Wilson's Instagram account. 

In Wilson's posts, it appears that they celebrated Valentine's Day together, Wilson's birthday in March,

... and the release of her Netflix movie Senior Year in May. They even met Dionne Warwick at an event in April.