Katie Price, a reality TV star and former glamor model, avoided jail after breaking a restraining order.

An abusive message was sent to Zeran Hayler about his fiancée, Michelle Penticost.

Despite being warned of jail, the 44-year-old received a community order instead.

A community order of 18 months was given, with an additional 20 hours for breaching a suspended sentence.

The words you used were highly offensive and inflammatory, according to Judge Stephen Mooney.

Last month, Price admitted breaching the five-year order she had been imposed in 2019 during a hearing at Crawley Magistrates' Court.

According to reports, Ms Penticost's Instagram post to Price may have triggered her expletive-laden message to Mr Hayler.

Her language had a devastating impact on Penicost's mental health.

The restraining order worked both ways, but Price sought help for her emotional problems despite learning it worked both ways.

Price was fined £415 in June 2019 for hurling abuse at Penticost and another woman in Shipley.