A well said statement “No one writes better  material for Vanessa Bayer than Vanessa Bayer.”

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April 29 2022

We can think that's an obvious statement, but not every actor or comedian who tries writing their own TV show succeeds.

Alumna has distilled her amazing energy and attractive smile into a perfect creation in "I Love That for You"

Bayer always had the ability to anchor a show perfectly; she just needed to write the perfect script for herself.

In "Love That," a sweet, loud, excitable childhood cancer survivor mirroring some of Bayer's own personality, too

Joanna gets her dream job hosting a show on the QVC-like shopping channel SVN, run by a media mogul and she loved this.

She makes a mistake that gets her fired, she panics and to save her job and tells one little lie to everyone.

She pretends her cancer is back. Patty sees a cash cow to get the sympathy.

SVN star Jackie (Molly Shannon) sees a young woman who needs help and care,

She gets almost everything she wanted, but her charade hangs over her head.

Bayer is entertaining to watch, and she's complemented by a strong supporting cast

It's hard not to love this show for her amazing talent

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly drinking each other’s blood

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