You do not have to be a profiler to observe today's politically correct patterns.

They go to social media rather than complaining to a friend or opting to remain quiet.

A therapist will be necessary to treat the pain and suffering caused by... a joke.

Ricky Gervais got backlash for making jokes about transgender people.

The GLAAD (among others) released a statement after Gervais' new Netflix special began streaming.

GLAAD warned about Gervais' "graphic, dangerous, anti-trans rants" in its statement.

He makes a joke about gay men, AIDS, and lesbians using "God's voice."

In another, he disclaims to be pro-choice before making a few jokes about abortion.

"Be the gender you feel you are. Use your preferred pronouns."

 He shouldn't have offered these milquetoast preemptive apologies.

Gervais is stuck in a contradiction, perhaps because comedy today is ideological.

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