On Tiktok, the only Murders in the Structure  star made fun of Selena Gomez's single condition.

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May 04 2022

sharing a video clip of herself sitting alone near 2 pairs joining a little PDA.

"No, I'm great. I'm absolutely great being solitary, it's a genuine short article, it's fine,"

Selena Gomez states, prior to panning the cam to the adored-up matches.

Gomez hasn't been authoritatively attached to anyone considering that her split from long-lasting on-and-off sweetie

Justin Bieber in 2018 -months before he joined Hailey Baldwin (Bieber).

Not long after the splitting up, and also after her ex lover continued, the singer supplied her hit solitary.

"Lose You to love Me," in which she often tended to her partnership with Bieber and the grief she really felt when it finished.

"I did my absolute ideal and they all recognize it you turned me down and presently it's showing up.

In two months, you supplanted us/like it was simple.

Made me think I merited it/in the almost all of recovering, most definitely," the knowledgeables go.

Nevertheless, after some recuperating, she started to feel such as herself once more.

A superior performance of herself, even. In her single "Take a gander at Her Now,"

"Certainly she was miserable However presently she enjoys she avoided a catastrophe.

Took a number of years to soak up the tears But glance at her currently, see her go," she sings.

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