Cori posted a message to critics on Instagram. Cori and Wayne have been dating for some time, but some don't trust him.

According to Cori, Wayne is only dating the pop singer because of her father, as she posted on her IG story.

Y'all are so miserable, it's so sad. It's so hard not to let people's comments get to you because deep down they are struggling. Words hurt...

...When I see you in person it's a completely different story.So so hateful I'm praying cause that's a sickness.

I love it when you say a n*gga must like me because of my daddy, Snoop Dogg...

I'm not just his daughter, I'm an individual, and it frustrates me when I have to wonder if that's the case. I hate this place.

Many social media users defended Broadus' appearance and relationship statements, arguing that colorism makes darker people less attractive.

Cori Broadus revealed in May 2021 that colorism and bullying led her to attempt suicide at 13 years old.