Finding out who the woman who  killed the wild horses in Arizona

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By Devesh Tyagi

March 25 2022

As the Apache-Sitgraves National Forest froze in late January 2019, 

Betty Nixon spotted the dead stallion, known to locals as Raven.

A bullet had hit the bone of his right leg due to which his bone was shattered,

And she also had a red-coated pregnant mare, Sparrow, who had also been shot in the stomach and neck.

Nearby, behind a stand of junipers, the mare's colt was standing alone, lost.

As Nixon approached, the filly took off, racing past the dead bodies of Raven and her mother.

Nixon describes shooting at least 40 wild horses in this forest in northeastern Arizona

Where several hundred haber herds roam the forest. Every day she sets out on often miles-long treks

Who watches the live horses and records the ones she finds too late.

The shootings took place in late December,

when three dead wild horses were found. So far, few clues have been found from the dead bodies.

"The shooter wants these horses to suffer."

"Sometimes the public thinks that all police work is an episode of CSI or FBI. We know that that's not reality."

"We're looking to create a thriving ecological balance. The horse is not the only animal out there."

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