Taking a bracing shot or two (responsibly, of course) is the perfect way to celebrate National Tequila Day on Sunday, July 24.

Let's learn six surprising things about tequila in honor of the holiday.

It is perfectly safe for gluten-free folks to drink tequila. Tequila is fermented juice from the blue agave plant, which has a pineapple-like core.

The piña is harvested, roasted, fermented, distilled, aged, and finally bottled after being brought to a distillery.

Tequila and mezcal are both made from agave, but only the blue agave plant can be used to make tequila.

The production of tequila has to occur in the state of Jalisco or some neighboring states, but most tequila is produced in Jalisco.

It is the birthplace of the iconic drink, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The women of Tequila (as in the town) traditionally planted blue agave plants, called hijuelos (little children).

 Wahlberg is a tequila enthusiast, and he recently invested in Flecha Azul, a brand co-founded by Aron Marquez and Abraham Ancer.