A woman makes her way into the Minnesota  Timberwolves House Court Tuesday evening

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By Devesh Tyagi

April 13 2022

The woman, Alicia Santurio, walked onto the court in the second quarter of the game and glued herself to the floor,

Her tee shirt displayed the message, "GLEN TAYLOR ROASTS ANIMALS ALIVE."

Images surfaced on social media after the incident, in which Santurio was being escorted away from the court by security,

"Sadly, the superglue wasn't really sticking well enough to the floor, and Alicia was removed from the floor by security."

The protest was reportedly an attempt to raise awareness of a 'mass murder', which DXE claims took place on an Iowa farm by Taylor.

There's a means to develop enough mess that's definitely going to be important as well as people will discuss.

Santurio was escorted out of the arena with a scrape to her hand, Johnson informs ABC4.

"A fan interruption took place throughout the second quarter of tonight's game. We are in touch with Target Center Security to address the occurrence."

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