Tommy Fleetwood's Four-year-Old Son Stole the Show at the Masters Par-3 Contest


By Devesh Tyagi

April 07 2022

You would anticipate that everyone's eyes should be on the world's best golf players who have..

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..rushed to Augusta national for the masters. In any case, on Wednesday,

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a four-year-old captured everyone's attention during the Par 3 challenge.

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Tommy Fleetwood's child, Franklin, brandished a full caddie outfit as he ran down the course after his dad's ball.

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What's more, despite the fact that it was not whenever he first had done it on.

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Wednesday, the group gave him an incredible gathering on one opening specifically

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He lost some steam when he approached the green, however he stood quietly.

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looking as his father strolled towards him. The Par 3 challenge regularly gives the golf players

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invest energy with their families access a more loosened up climate in front of the year's first major.

Image Credit: USA Today

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