Tommy Pham has been suspended three games for slapping Joc Pederson during batting practice on Friday.

Pederson allegedly sent Pham a disrespectful text message about his former teammates in San Diego.

After Saturday's game, Pederson read the group chat text messages to San Francisco reporters.

Then Joc replied, "I don't know you well enough to make a joke like this. My response was, I just meant it to be a joke.

I have no hard feelings, I am sorry you took it that way.

Pederson explained that I made fun of them for not playing well enough to reach the playoffs.

A player has also been accused of cheating when he placed him on injured reserve without listing him out.

Pederson pointed out that Pham did the same to running back Jeff Wilson.

At Friday's batting practice, Pham walked up to Pederson and slapped him across the face.

In my opinion, he was abusing my money and disrespectful to me.

A fine of an undisclosed amount was imposed by the league on Pham.

The text message Pederson sent about my former team says he slapped him when he was likely to be suspended.

Pham said how I felt like there was some flawed stuff going on there.

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