Tornado causes harm in Andover  April 2022


April 30 2022

A Tornado caused harm Friday night in Andover and Butler County.

The tempest was shaped in Sedgwick County and advanced into Butler county soon after 8 P.M.

As of the present moment, there are no affirmed wounds.

There has been a haven for cyclone casualties set up at the Andover Baptist Chruch situated at 1043 south Andover Road.

Notwithstanding, the YMCA in Andover was hit. There are experts on the scene evaluating the harm.

The Greater Wichita YMCA said in articulation.

"The Andover YMCA experienced huge harm because of the tempest that hit the Andover region this evening.

We are grateful that the entirety of the staff...

Individuals that took cover at the branch at the hour of the tempest, were not harmed.

The branch will be shut until additional notification.

We will keep everybody refreshed as subtleties become accessible."

Wichita Interim police chief Lem Moore said, "Kindly don't come to Andover except if you need to. 

Crisis administrations need to zero in on the families in Andover and not need to oversee individuals needed to drive by to see the harms."

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