The sequel of epic Avatar to James Cameron's 2009  finally has a teaser trailer and has sparked a  debate among movie buffs on Twitter.

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May 10 2022

Avatar-2 The Way of Water has finally been announced for a late 2022 release and the sci-fi adventure will likely be one of the biggest film release of the year.

The blockbuster cost a astonishing $250 million to make and boasts groundbreaking special effects and underwater filming technologies

Meanwhile, actor Stephen Ford summed up how many people are likely feeling having now watched the new teaser of this movie.

Stephen Ford joked: "Me last week: 'Avatar was not even that good, I can not believe we are getting like Four sequels

no one is excited for these movies they are gonna bomb it is been thirteen years.

Me after watching the trailer of this Film Avatar-2 : 'This is going to be the biggest movie of the year.'"

Avatar-2 sees the return of Zoe Saldana as Neytiri along with Sam Worthington as Jake Sully and Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch.

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