Stefanos Tsitsipas called Nick Kyrgios "evil", after losing to him at Wimbledon on Saturday.

Kyrgios and Tsitsipas continued their feud after Kyrgios defeated Tsitsipas in four sets, 6-7(2), 6-4, 6-3, 7-6(7).

Kyrgios had "constantly bullied" Tsitsipas, who had attempted to hit Kyrgios with a shot during the heated match.

As Kyrgios swore before hitting a ball into the crowd out of frustration, the umpire warned him for swearing.

Though he has many good qualities, his evil side may cause him to harm those around him if revealed.

Kyrgios also laughed off his opponents' comments at Wimbledon, calling them "soft."

He stated that he had immense respect for the Greek immediately after the match.

I don't know how you bullied the man who hit the ball at me, the spectator, and the guy who smacked it all over the place.

To come in here and call me a bully is just soft.We're not the same guy.I compete with guys who are genuinely competitive.

I am one of the most liked people in the locker room.I am good.He isn't liked.Let's just face it.

'This is not the way I normally play,' he said."However, I cannot just sit there and act like an ignorant and cold robot.

As you're performing your duties, you can't ignore the noise coming from the other side of the court.

 I hope we can all work together to make this a cleaner version of our sport, so that such behaviors will not be tolerated.

Maybe I will give in a few more times before he beats me two weeks in a row, the Aussie said.