Allen Lafferty found his 24-year-old wife,  Brenda Lafferty, lying in a pool of blood on  July 24, 1984a horrific day.

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April 28 2022

In their 15-month-old daughter Erica's room, he saw that the toddler and the blankets in her crib were also covered in red.

Allen had to go to a neighbor's place to call the police, The bedroom phone was not working.

American Fork police brought Allen to the station for investigation, suspecting he was the one who had murdered his wife and child.

Allen , who'd been gone all day setting tile at a construction site 80 miles away from his home has  no uncertain terms who they should be looking for.

He last speaking to Brenda and hearing chatter of her baby talk over the phone during his lunch break,

When investigation with Ronald Lafferty , Allen's eldest brother, began on took the first of a series of disturbing turns.

Former American Fork Police Department Chief Terry Fox, explained "This one was different in the case, that it was motivated.

He used word horrific and said this was a really, really brutal murder.

Investigators shared that, from what they'd gathered so far in this case Ronald claimed to have received word from God .

Ronald  said, he needed to kill the enemies responsible for his ex-communication, and the list included the name of Brenda and Erica.

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