WeWorks's Adam and Rebekah Neumann: Where  Are They Now?

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April 22 2022

Apple TV+'s WeCrashed closes its eight-episode run on Friday, with Adam Neumann leaving WeWork with his celebrated "freebie" bargain.

The shocking wat out bundle was assessed to be worth more than $1 billion

Despite the fact that the organization,under his administration.

Lost generally $40 billion of its $47 billion valuations, pulled out its IPO

Swindled workers trusting significant stock offers would balance extended periods and disturb office culture.

This incensing exit is faciliated,to WeCrashed watchers at any rate, by a coda arrangement in the finale episode

We need to start off in great shape.

"The one with all the Money."

After a couple of seconds of ocean side ecstasy with spouse Rebekah (Anne Hathaway) on the Dead Sea in Israel.

Adam bounces into the water.

He santched the primary bounce back and scored the primary focuses for the group yet he couldn't assist in the last part.

Rebakah acknowledges an approach to Adam's telephone from SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son (Kim Eui-Sung) and takes a message

"You won't ever get that buyout bundle. Not a solitary penny," the tycoon's financial backer tells him.

"The following time we talk,it will be through legal advisors."

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