Jerry O'Connell asks forgiveness to Wil  Wheaton for 'not being there for him during 'Stand by Me'

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April 16 2022

Jerry O'Connell had a touching heart-to-heart with his childhood co-star Wil Wheaton on "The Talk" Thursday.

O'Connell, as well as Wheaton, starred in "Wait for Me" in 1986, opposite Wheaton on the CBS talk show,

..O'Connell apologizing to the "The Big Bang Theory" star for not standing by her.

"I've heard you discuss some of the battles you went through during 'Stand by Me' before, as you know, when I was 11 at the time,"

"To the larger photo, you never understand what someone is going through when you're with them.

I don't really feel shame, yet I just intended to state I'm sorry I had not been there for you more."

Wheaton described the "amazing psychological abuse" and also "manipulated" his parents,

"Gordie's experience significantly showed my experience,"

Wheaton accepted O'Connell's apology. "I deeply appreciate that," he claimed, including, "You were 11. Exactly how could you have perhaps known?"

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