Wednesday morning that Russia and the  United States had participated in a prisoner swap.

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April 28 2022

They bringing former U.S. Marine Trevor Reed back home to America.

In the sports community many had one question — what does this mean for Brittney Griner?

The Brittney Griner who is the top women’s basketball players in the world, has been detained in Russia since mid-February.

Brittney Griner was picked up in a Moscow-area airport for being accused of carrying cannabis oil in her luggage

Brittney Griner ‘s next court date is set for May 19.

The WNBA spokesman said, “we continue to have regular conversations with the U.S. government on Griner’s case .

State Department spokesman Ned Price told “We are working very closely with her team. Griner’s case is a top priority for us”.

He further said We’re in regular contact with her team.

We regularly are engaging through our embassy in Moscow with their counterparts in order to see to it that Griner treated fairly.

To see to it that we have the consistent access to Griner that the Russians are required under the Vienna convention to provide."

Russia is known for its draconian drug laws, and experts told it’s likely she  would be sentenced to five to 10 years if found guilty.

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