After Oscars slap, Will Smith set to make comeback with sequel.

In recent months, Oscar-winning movie star Will Smith has had a lot of media attention - but none of it has been a result of his acting.

This may be changing, however, as the actor may have revealed his first big move after the infamous slapping incident.

Apparently, Smith is currently at work on an I Am Legend sequel where he will reprise his role as Dr. Robert Neville.

According to the report, Smith's company is producing the movie at Westbrook Studios. Akiva Goldsman adapted the Richard Matherson novel...

...for the first film, and he is expected to return for this project as well.In spite of Smith's ten-year ban from the Academy Awards due to... incident at the Oscars, a source told The New York Sun there have been no scripts approved.

As of now, Will remains attached to the project and the script includes his character. Warner Brothers has not announced whether Will is off the project,...

...but the concept has yet to be approved. While the development of the film continues, he is the producer and his production company is in charge. At some point,

Will will return, it's just a matter of which studio will take a risk on him."According to the source, negative reactions to the actor have waned...

because people have moved on to other stories, such as the Johnny Depp trial and Amber Heard trial.

There has been talk about a sequel to I Am Legend before, but Smith's involvement has been reported for the first time.