Joaquin Phoenix and Oscar-nominated actress Lady Gaga are reportedly considering the iconic role of Harley Quinn in a musical, Joker 2!

As well as singing the hit song "Bad Romance," she is well known as an actress. She starred in House of Gucci and A Star is Born.

She's now reportedly eyeing a role opposite Joaquin Phoenix in a Joker movie!The Hollywood Reporter reports that Todd Phillips and Scott Silver.

... are writing the follow-up to their mega-successful 2019 DC hit. There are few details available, but the plot is likely to revolve around Joker's sporadic,...

...violent relationship with Harley Quinn.It's possible the "Edge of Glory" diva will play Harley, but it wouldn't be the same one that Margot Robbie played.

There is a musical version of Gaga's version in a different DC universe!The Joker was exceptionally dark and twisted in 2019, ending up being extremely successful.

With 11 Oscar nominations and $1 billion in revenue, Joker is ideal for a franchise, Especially with Gaga's increasing gravitas as a star.

She was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in House of Gucci in 2022, but snubbed for A Star is Born in 2019.

By itself, she is among the industry's top performers.Gaga was reportedly motivated more by the shocking snub than anything else, according to a source.

HollywoodLife says Gaga hopes for an Oscar nomination next year after her unique awards season this year.

According to Todd Phillips, Harley Quinn in Joker 2 might be the role that puts her back on the big screen.