His father shared a message with his son on YouTube titled, "so long nerds", nearly a year after his diagnosis of cancer.

Technoblade appeared in the video and gave his fans the news that his real name was Alexander. "If you're watching this, I'm dead."

A few hours before his death, Technoblade wrote his final message to his fans: "Thank you for supporting my content."

A few days later, he realized that his shoulder was swollen, and he thought he was broken because he was experiencing pain in his arm.

It was revealed that my arm hurts because I have cancer, he said in his latest video.

He gave away prizes online and encouraged good sportsmanship. He had great adventures with Minecraft.

We ask you to respect his wishes to protect his and family privacy despite his over 10 million subscribers.

“Rest in peace, Technoblade. I couldn't be half the person I am without you." Dream wrote on his YouTube community tab.