Your Connection is Not Private

your connection is not private

Friends if am not wrong then you are seeing this error frequently on your computer, laptop screen. I have captured a screenshot for you to below.

your connection in not private

Your connection is not private

I will talk about the problems and solutions as well. Why this error does display and what are the possible ways to resolve it.

As soon as possible from your computer, and you can serve the internet politely, I mean without any interfere.

And at the last moment, I also tell you very easy tips so that you can save your time a lot. And this time you can utilize it for the most important part of your daily target line.

Rumor for Your connection is not private windows 7,8,10: –

Friends in most cases, you have ever heard, that this is not an error just it showing due to the low connection of your internet speed.

As I guess this is completely rumored your connection is not private windows 7.

Because this error is not reflected due to the low connection of the internet but, it reflects due to windows problems.

One of the program files is not working properly (certificate file) (HTTPS://). That’s why it shows the error.

How to Solve “Your Connection is Not Private Chrome Fix“?

If you are using Google Chrome on your computer, then you may see this error due to having difficulty validating a certificate. ‘Your connection is not private.

your connection in not private

Your connection is not private how to fix

After seeing this message on your laptop or desktop screen you may get shocked that Your connection is not private.

And may bethink you that some Attackers might be trying to steal your data from your website domain.

Your data could be your website’s passwords, it could be any messages from inside, or credit cards as well.

The errors may be displayed on your device’s screen.

Error Codes are below –

SSL certificate error

Reload the page

It is a very simple step for your connection is not private, and most probably users follow this step hoping that it can be resolved it.

By doing once, twice, and more than that. But at the point of nowadays,

It is very stubborn which doesn’t even take the name of being a solution.

So you should try the next tip on the list.

Check your computer’s date and time

Friends, if you are using Windows 7 or a related version, you can see the option date and time.

What is always reflected at the bottom of the right side?

You can see in the screenshot of the image what I have captured for you. Look below –

your connection in not private

Not every time but sometimes it happens that it does not match to the web browser then the SSL connection is reflecting the error.

If you are using a MAC device then let me tell you how to check it out on your mac device the date and time. Is it correct or not.

Check Date & Time on MAC

First of all, you need to go to the Manu of the apple at the upper left side corner of the device screen.

There you need to click on the System Preferences icon.

Now here you can choose the date and time.

If you may look at the difference in the date and time, then you need to do correct it.

Check Date and Time on Window

Now let me tell you how to Check the Date & Time on Windows on your computer.

Very first you need to single-click on the date and time at the bottom right side corner.

After just a single click you will see the pop up open in the next small window, then you need to click on change date and time settings.

Again you will get the next small window in front of you on the screen.

Click on the change date and time button and change the right time and date there, according to the requirement.

Consider if you’re using public Wi-Fi

Oh! how can I forget to explain this point, that may occur that your connection is not private?

Sometimes it has been seen that if you ate using the public wi-fi internet connection, then it might show this error on your computer.

Because it is not secure. As you know that some public internet is not well configured and not able to open websites with HTTPS.

The reason is that it shows the error.

If you want to resolve this error, then you should go for VPN (Virtual Private Network).

VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps to hide your traffic and protect your identity while it exchanges encrypted data.

Clear Your browsing data

Update your operating system

Check your antivirus software

Restart your computer

Go incognito

Solve it My Way [Your connection is not private]
Now time to solve it in my way. If you are facing the error “Your connection is not private”,

Then I have very simple and effective tips to resolve it easily.

For step by step process, you need to go through our video to solve this error – Your connection is not private –

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