Breaking Down Barriers: Causes of Climate Change by Humans

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Causes of Climate Change by Humans– The phenomenon of climate change, which is heard in the news almost daily, may not be clear to many people regarding the role humans have played in causing it.

In this blog post, I will simplify things and try to describe in an understandable way the major causes of climate change due to human activities.

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Burning Fossil Fuels is Like Lighting a Match to Our Future

Causes of Climate Change– Imagine burning down that very same match the way we make gas, oil, and coal. This slow burn is what can lead to the destruction of our own planet. It is the origin of the prominent group of substances known as fossil fuels.

They have made us feel really good- about having light for our homes, warmth for our place to live and, lastly, gas for our cars to move. But it must be known, nearly every time it is used will make it most likely so much emission of undetectable gases are released to the air.

The types of gases are not just any. They act like a kind of a blanket, invisible and heat-trapping Earth all around. Perhaps it might sound as warm as anything, but actually that is not.

The same is making the earth to get warmer than anticipated rates that have as its effect changing the climate and affecting the environment to a great level. It can be a simile of the Earth being over tented on a sunny day; It can cause uncomfortable feeling right?

This is how we behave toward our planet once we use these non-renewable powers when supplying our daily needs of energy. It is very significant since we are turning our “Home” called Earth into a place that will get harder and harder for us and other inhabitants to live.

Deforestation: More Than Just Losing Trees

Causes of Climate Change– Deforestation is not just poverty declaring that forests are no longer beautiful; it is the planet’s way of being frustrated and blowing the pollution from the chest. Picture a world where there is a lonely tree but it can go through many tough situations to save the environment.

The heroes in question are not the typical superheroes we see in the movies, but, instead, they are the trees which have the superpower that takes harmful carbon dioxide from the air and provides us with what we need, oxygen.

Instead, when we destroy forests for agriculture, to use the wood, or for buildings we are faced with the cease of their mighty superheroes. It is not only the trees that disappear; it is also the power of their natural cleaning of the air that we forgo.

So there is more: deforestation not only stops trees from coming down, but it also releases carbon dioxide they stored back into the air. Not only that, but it’s more like an extra blanket that Pope has put around our Earth, making it warmer. It’s a double whammy.

The clear-cuts of more trees mean less clean air which allows bad air to stay longer. In the analogy, the room represents the good type of life, like the time a person tries to keep the room clean; someone that throws trash in it.

Gradually, it becomes harder to stay clean. The Earth has a right to keep itself from suffocating to death and we must stop taking it away from it. Every tree counts.

Our Trash Problem is Bigger Than the Landfills

Causes of Climate Change– It turns out our simple and discarnate daily junk is affecting more than just the landfills with their limited space. Let us blaze a new and simple trail. Tossing out used items, more so those from nature such as food particles and branches among others, implies that it does not just sit there.

The stress begins to break the fibers of the chair, doesn’t it? Gas is mainly composed of carbon and hydrogen, making it harmful to humans, and it doesn’t have much air in the landfill, so it cannot turn into something good such as compost.

Methane, an extremely strong gas, is more likely to impede radiant energy transmission from the earth’s atmosphere than carbon dioxide. Therefore, methane plays an important role in global warming.

Likewise, each bit of waste that rests idly in landfills such as an inactive heating system, is a warming blow on our planet. Leaves turn golden because it gets warmer because of it.

Then, there is plastic. This is one field where the use of plastic feels like a tough nut to crack. You can see it everywhere, from shoppers to water cans. The greatest problem with plastics is that they are enduring materials.

Small proportion of plastic breaks smaller and enters our rivers, lakes, and oceans which turn out to be the trouble spot. This not only hurts sea life but also makes up for a great imbalance of natural beings.

Decomposing plastics just add climate change woes to the basket, making the problem even more complex just by adding chemicals.

Thus, the way one addresses the problem of waste transmission every day is much more significant than it may seem. The broadest effects involve the air, the surface water, and the entire planet.

Causes of Climate Change by Humans-The Foods We Eat and the Climate Change Connection

Causes of Climate Change– Salt is the secret of making tasty foods but most times we do not think about what the effect of these foods on the planet is. But here is a simple truth: the decisions we take about our food consumption are turning out to be very significant to global warming. To further the discussion, let us focus on meat specifically.

Human and pest population increases and livestock such as cows contribute significantly to global climate challenges. Gas that is 20 times more efficient in trapping heat than carbon dioxide is produced by bellowing cows. It’s like the two of them being responsible for an over 100% increase within the Earth’s thermostat with each of their burps.

Next, what we feed each other is included in what sustainability means to me. What could be done in this case is give space for the plantation of more crops and production of fodder, because we all know that forests are sacrificed and the planet is unable to continue the process of the purification of the air because of this.

What is even more, plant cultivation takes a huge amount of artificial chemical fertilizers. Among these chemicals which are used together with plants is it is amazing how they help climate warming to happen faster. They also produce other gases which have the same warming effect on the planet.

Thus, not just pleasure of taste but rather the Earth’s fate is indeed what we are deciding to put on our plates. It is just the indissoluble bond that we must not miss in everyday life. On each plate, our habitat is presented with an opportunity to partake in the deliciousness of the right choice.

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Industrial Practices: The Invisible Climate Change Drivers

Causes of Climate Change– Industrial related practices are certainly the ones that do not come to our minds often but once you take a look at them from the influence on the global climate they get way more interesting.

Think of factories with big pieces of equipment working hard to make all the products we need-it could be cars, clothes or any of the electronics we own. Generally, non-renewable resources have also been the one providing most of that power, since what?

Indeed, they can be easily identified. Yes, exactly-fuels that when burned from fossil fuels release these gases that are invisible and have a heating impact on the air. But there’s more.

Extracting minerals and materials like coal, metals and other products just to reshape earth and nature are very unnatural and detrimental. It can be poisonous to the environment, as it destroys the soil, water, and air at the same time, sometimes even forcing the wild animals outside their homes.

Adding to that, some factories release nasty things that end up turning into even more greenhouse gases that are warming the atmosphere even faster. Hence, when you purchase anything that was manufactured in factories, there is again an implication of environmental degradation.

It is as if the whole world is like a giant jigsaw where everything has a role and Factory processes is a part you cannot overlook if we want to accomplish it.

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