Madonna Resumes Work on Biopic with Julia Garner Set to Star

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Madonna, Julia Garner is again working on her biopic.

After her last tour, known as Celebration, which she recently completed last month, Madonna is back to her plans of producing a biopic. Since the movie production was suspended in 2023 because of her tour, the Queen of Pop is working on the script and completing it with Universal Pictures.


Madonna Biopic with Julia Garner Set to Star

Julia Garner from the show ‘Ozark’ remains the head for the role of Madonna in the biopic. Garner has been practising singing and dancing for the past year to prepare for such a role.

Madonna is confident about her biopic and the inspiration she took from the new music biopics such as ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Rocketman’. She is convinced that her extraordinary life will be interesting for fans, and she plans to preserve creative freedom and become the director and producer of the film.

The 65-year-old singer wants her biopic to be more different and fair than other biopics about musicians. She is still involved in the process, regularly communicating with Garner to share information, and secretly meeting with Universal Pictures to clinch the arrangements.

Madonna plans to start shooting the movie next year and she has not changed her mind to having her life portrayed in a movie.

A Hollywood source told The Sun’s Bizarre column: Madonna has just ended her tour but in her head, she’s wondering what’s next and realizing her dream of making the biopic.

“Julia is still her lead actress and they have kept in contact throughout the entire last year, discussing different ideas They both want to make something happen.”

Secret meetings are being arranged with Universal Pictures to get the project finalized.

Julia Garner

Most of the work is still ongoing with casting, scheduling of shooting sessions and writing the script but they desire to begin recording in the next year.

Madonna, 65, wants to be in full control of the movie’s script and therefore has made up her mind to direct it and also produce it.

She said: The man once said, ‘I have had an extraordinary life, so I must make an extraordinary film.’

‘It was also a pre-emptive strike because many people wanted to make movies about me, mainly male chauvinists.’

Subsequently, I inserted my foot in the door and declared, ‘Nobody is going to give out my story but me.’

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What Inspired Madonna to Revive Her Biopic Plans Now

After performing her last live show in her recently concluded Celebration tour, Madonna has again considered restarting her biopic. The Queen of Pop had filmed the project in 2023, where she had to halt the shooting as she went on tour, but the tour is now over and she will be writing the final script to Universal Pictures this summer.

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