Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s $100 Million Real Estate Portfolio

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A particular report indicates that the couple showed interest in three properties since they seem to be advancing their relationship a notch.

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce keep mum on rumours regarding their recent engagement. But even if they are not planning to tie the link soon and become Mr. and Mrs. whatever – they are willing to go a step further in a relationship – buying a house together.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Lake Como Real Estate Adventure

As for Taylor and Travis, earlier this month, he flew to Europe to accompany Taylor on more dates of her Eras tour, The couple was photographed visiting houses in Lake Como, but it was not clear if they are planning to buy the house together or Taylor separately.

In a report by The Technology Devesh, a source revealed that “Travis fell in love with the beauty and atmosphere of Lake Como.” “They also explored the real estate, as most celebrities have their houses and properties here. ”

The insider said further, “They prefer to do basic things, enjoy free time moments, and spend days staying at home alone so that place will be perfect if one of them wants to invest in properties there.”

Travis Kelce

Taylor has several houses, among which there is a townhouse worth $18 million in New York’s Tribeca district. She also possesses a $25 million house in Beverly Hills and a $17.75 million estate in Rhode Island.

Altogether, her real estate portfolio is estimated to be worth $100 million and that could grow if she does invest a sum on Lake Como property.

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Luxury Home Hunt in Lake Como

Travis recently spent on a $6 million mansion with hardened security after saying that his previous home was insecure because the Swift had found out where he lived. The NFL star has reportedly been using this relationship to milk Swift, which could explain why he may be willing to spend on property in Italy.

Firstly, Travis’s sales of jerseys have gone up, and he has more people following him on social media, which means more sponsors. He is also venturing into acting and hosting and has been picked to feature in the show Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity?

Another report suggests that the whole Kelce family may stand to financially gain since various television networks wish to develop a reality show around them. Taylor, who became a billionaire earlier this year due to the success of the Eras tour, probably does not need the money. However, it is still unknown if she will appear on the expected reality show or if it is even going to happen.

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